Oceans Love’:

All priced at £495,-

Shipping costs: EU £25,- / Rest £35,- (per painting).

Let’s Face It’:

Paintings in sizes up to 60 cm x 80 cm:  £495,-

Paintings in size 70 cm x 90 cm: £595,-

Shipping costs: EU £25,- / Rest £35,- (per painting).

The ‘Baby and Toddler collection’:

All paintings have got the same size 20 cm x 25 cm:

First painting: £59,-

Set of two paintings: £99,-

Set of three paintings: £145,-

Shipping costs: £5,- (per package).

Other Artworks from the artworks overview page:

All paintings: £295,-

Shipping costs: EU £25,- / Rest £35,- (per painting).

Paintings on commission:

Paintings, and certainly the baby and toddler line, can also be made on commission, feel free to send your ideas of colour setting and design. We will give you a basic design and you can decide or let us know if some adjustments need te be made before we start. If we make your painting on commission please note that 40% of the total price needs to be paid in advance.