Paintings by Caroline Kusters


Ongoing exhibition – Galleria ROSSO CINABRO – ROME


By Monica Ferrarini – Galleria Ess & Amp
10-16 April 2021


Caroline Kusters is originally from Amsterdam where she lives and works, from 2016 to 2020 she lived in London. During her time in London she had the opportunity to photograph several of her paintings in the streets of London and had several exhibitions in art galleries. Over the years Caroline exhibit her paintings in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Italy.

The majority of Carolines work consists of collections and women,  although she made individual art work, she emphasizes on her collections. Oceans Love, Flourish and Strength are her main collections. A distinctive signature from her which returns in all her paintings are straight lines and cubicle shapes mixed with a contemporary art style. At this moment she is working on several pieces inspired by the women of Africa. The name of this collection is ‘AfricaH’.

In the pieces of AfricaH, Strength and Flourish is a bit of mystery in the face expression which you have to believe but can also be intriguing. By using elements of abstractionism and realism at the same time there is contradiction in her work, you have to take an extra look and have your own imagination.

All paintings are acrylic based. Metallic spray paint, glitters, gold and silver leaf  are often used to create visual effects.

You can always contact us if you want to see a specific painting or if you are interested in other artworks.

If you would like to get more information about her artwork you can always request a folder of high resolution pictures. It might give you a clearer picture of the specifics.