Bright colours, straight lines, figures in her artworks, a painting made by Caro you can recognise. Are you inspired?


These pictures might give you an idea of how a painting would look on a wall.

IMG_1093 IMG-20160517-WA0000

Artworks can have a different look in certain light. A bright room or a spotlight can make a difference.

IMG_1084 grey-doublefullsizeoutput_2ce0

When it comes to metallic colours, they definitely make a difference in bright light or in a spot light. In her artworks Caro uses these metallic colours quite often.

IMG_2000 fullsizeoutput_2225 fullsizeoutput_221d IMG_1929


A painting made by Caro is always unique, two paintings can be made by the same design but they will still be unique.


Paintings can also be made on commission, this painting ‘Temple Clock’ is made after the Borobudur Temple in Yogjakarta. In this painting you can clearly see the gloss of this temple, ‘The glamour’ on the left side of the painting and the colours of nature, a darker green, colours of stone and with a more robust finish on the right side.

14240501860_7a595f5dab_b fullsizeoutput_2d22

Painting ‘Bridge to HongKong’.

This small nunnery in a classical Chinese garden in Hong Kong, Nan Lian Garden, can even be an inspiration.

NLG Bridge to HongKong

Painting ‘The Wedding’.

This painting might be “just as personal as a painting can get”, a painting inspired by a wedding invitation as a wedding gift.

Wedding original invitation Wedding The Painting

Painting ‘Bee a Queen’.

Restaurant Keepers in London has got their own beehive and make their own honey, therefor they requested a “Queen Bee”..

IMG-20141229-WA0000 Bee a Queen

Finding Inspiration in your hobby.


The game of Chess, in three different styles!

Chess the Dancing Chess Classic Chess the Family