An overview of the paintings!

One of the first paintings I made was one in which you could see the line of a woman. In an abstract way, I used a lot of paint, thick layers, I used other materials in this painting ad I liked the result, this painting is called ‘The first lady’.

What I liked even more than this result was the fact that I say the possibilities with paint, acrylic paint and linnen or cotton.  The freedom in making art is endless, you can go in so many directions, there are no set boundaries, no rules. After making a few paintings in the line of a woman, I started to try different things, I went in different directions.

As I made several paintings in totally different directions I have put them in several categories.


Bright colors, from Dutch sunflowers to Japanese blossom. From this painting Autumn to a Dove of Piece.


Inspiration from The Big Ben, London, up to this painting made after a small nunnery in Hong Kong. Diversity of paintings in the line of culture.


Paintings in an abstract way in which you will find a line of a woman. In this detail you see a layer of lace used for a bridal effect.


Here is where you see that a hobby can lead to a painting, I made three paintings in the line of Chess, three totally different paintings. This painting is called ‘ Chess Classic’ , to the classical set up of the pieces and the colors used.


The Wedding (5)In this categorie there is this painting, this is very specific because it is made after a wedding invitation. When friends of mine got married they told me how much they liked the design of their wedding invitation. this painting was a their very personal wedding gift.

Mathematical Figures

Straight lines, circles, depth. I called this category Mathematical Figures.