Artworks by Caro


Amsterdam is where Caroline is originally from, since several years she works in London.

Her works are her own designs, all paintings are original and unique. She has her own signature and when you get to know her work you can easily recognise a Caro Painting.

Het work is very diverse and she has several collections. The one painting can be about the lines of a women’s body and the other painting can be Pablo Picasso and Haute Couture inspired.

There are paintings inspired by nature, culture and even the game of chess.

But then, in all of those paintings you can definitely that the designs are hers, and her signature is always present.

Caro runs her art studio in London and she participates in exhibitions and has had several solo exhibitions.

You can also contact the studio if you want to see a specific painting or if you want to see more of her work.

Having your painting made on commission is always a possibility.