Call it a feeling, an emotion, a collection of colors, just that one color, or call it Art!

As Caro thinks that artworks speak for themselves she likes you take you on a journey through her artists life, a very personal life, as she starts with her first design, her “First Lady” ,there is Anna. Anna represents the start, the beginning, abstract to it’s core.
This is a very abstract colourful powerful painting, a woman, strong, a little chaotic, but her beauty, her number one.

Then we take a step to Amara, she is powerful, strong, a more realistic but still abstract painting. Caro took primary colours to bring her to life, a strong woman, bright colours in the background. Clearly a Caro signature as she used her straight lines and her pallet knife.

The third painting is “a meeting between Picasso and Caro”, they met each other. The two faces of Picasso, the lines of Caro, it becomes one in this painting. They come together. The result is a painting called “Green Sleeves”, A classic but modern woman, feeling comfortable in her own skin, wearing ‘her self’, green sleeves, a neckless and a hat. She basically says “This is me and I am comfortable”.

Than there is Miss Metallic, this painting is still a little Picasso inspired, but more Caro, Miss Metallic is awake, watchful, powerful. She is tough, she knows the world and she keeps an eye. The eyes are inspired by Picasso, both looking other sides, watchful.
The woman’s body is again powerful as this is well- known of Caro, and this is also a very abstract painting with straight lines.



You love a painting, or you do not, Caro’s first real design is the line of a woman’s body, in this abstract painting you can clearly see a line of a breast and a bottom/ legs, these paintings are very feminine. But ash life goes on Caro can also be inspired bij travelling, or Picasso for example. Her inspiration and creativity goes more ways.

Let’s Face Life” 

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Caro meets Picasso”

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Colorful Women Art

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Culture, You can have a personal souvenir of one of your journeys, this is really a personal painting. As paintings can be made on commission you can show Caro your idea.

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